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The manufacturer of telescopic forklifts will tell you the types of forklifts

Time:2024-01-19 Author:Web Master Source:This Station

The pallet racks, drive in racks, shuttle racks, etc. in the warehouse shelves all need to be used in conjunction with forklifts. Can the manufacturer of telescopic forklifts tell you the types of forklifts?

1、 All electric transport vehicle: with a carrying capacity of 1.6-3 tons, a working channel width of 2.3-2.8 meters, and a fork lifting height of 210mm, it is mainly used for horizontal handling and cargo loading and unloading in warehouses. There are three types: step-by-step, standing and sitting, which can be selected based on efficiency.

2、 Fully electric stacker crane and stacker crane: Electric pallet stacker trucks are divided into two types: fully electric pallet stacker trucks and semi electric pallet stacker trucks. As the name suggests, the former is electrically controlled for both driving and lifting, which is relatively labor-saving. The latter requires manual pulling or pushing of the forklift, while the lifting is electric. The carrying capacity is 1-2.5 tons, and the width of the working passage is generally 2.3-2.8 meters. In terms of structure, it has an additional gantry compared to electric transport vehicles. The lifting height of the cargo fork is less than half of 4.8 meters, mainly used for stacking and loading and unloading of goods in warehouses.

3、 Forward moving forklift: with a load-bearing capacity of 1-2 tons, the gantry can be moved forward and retracted as a whole. When retracting, half of the aisle width is 2.5-3.2 meters, and the lifting height can reach up to 11 meters. It is commonly used for stacking and picking up goods at medium and equal heights in warehouses.



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