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The Technology and Quality of Single Extension Forks

Time:2024-01-19 Author:Web Master Source:This Station

Forks bring you various benefits of saving money, trouble, and worry: 1. Easily and quickly obtain equipment usage rights, while saving the existing bank limit of the enterprise. 2. The fixed nature of rent can avoid risks such as inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. 3. Compared to procurement, the internal decision-making process for operating expenses related to leasing metal is simpler. 4. Flexible and flexible fund operation, coupled with comprehensive after-sales (maintenance) services, without any customer ownership, simplifies the process while eliminating all administrative responsibilities. 5. By leasing, risks such as asset depreciation and project changes can be avoided. 6. Avoid the impact of productivity decline caused by forklift malfunctions, idle or insufficient equipment during peak and off peak seasons. 7. Using rental services eliminates the need for additional maintenance personnel and equipment management, saving manpower and material resources in equipment maintenance, repair, and management.

For the inspection of forks, the standard stipulates that forks should be inspected once a year. Forklifts used in harsh working conditions need to be inspected more frequently to detect defects or deformations, take relevant technical measures, and eliminate unsafe hazards. The inspection of forklift forks should be carried out by forklift accessory inspection technicians. If any signs, failures, or obvious deformations of the forks that hinder safe use are found, they must be stopped from use. Only after strict repair and passing the test and acceptance can they be used.

Fork positioning should be reliable, and the supporting surface and positioning surface of the fork hook should not have obvious defects; The clearance between the fork and the accessory rack should not be too large, and the movement should be smooth. For the worn and broken parts, in the use of forklifts, the common dangerous parts of forks are located at the lower part of their vertical section, near the bend, and at the vertical part where the upper end of the fork's vertical section is welded to the upper hook, all of which are prone to breakage. Due to frequent operational errors by forklift drivers, they use one side of the front end of the fork to lift or lift goods on the ground, resulting in the bending and deformation of the goods or fork tip, and even causing the root of the vertical section to break (after the goods are overloaded), which will cause serious economic losses.



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