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The difference between telescopic forks and clamp type forks

Time:2024-01-19 Author:Web Master Source:This Station

The functions of telescopic forks and clamp type forks will not be introduced one by one. I believe you can guess one or two from the names. Below, we will explain the differences between telescopic forks and clamp type forks.

There is a clear difference between inserting and picking up goods. The common telescopic fork is operated by inserting and retrieving goods, directly lifting them at the bottom to gain kinetic energy, while the clamp is a clamp, which is significantly different from ordinary telescopic forks. It is precisely because of this clamping function that the clamping fork has stronger operational and safety capabilities for bent goods.

There are also significant differences between the two styles. For example, telescopic forks are either upper and lower forks or four forks, while clamp forks are completely different. Although it is also a double board, the position is completely different, with a long drive belt and guide rail in the middle.

Of course, the principle is roughly the same, but the accessories are also very different, and the main material of the fork is also different. The fork material of the clamp fork is made of thinner aluminum alloy material, which reduces weight and brings faster operating speed. And due to the separation of the forks, there will be no jamming of the forks



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