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Safety precautions for using telescopic forks

Time:2024-01-19 Author:Web Master Source:This Station

Telescopic forklifts are important load-bearing components of commonly used forklifts. Now let's understand the precautions for using forklifts.

When using a forklift, the thickness and length of the fork should be roughly the same. After the fork is installed on the fork, the upper layer of the fork should be kept on the same plane. We must strictly follow the operating rules and do not allow goods to be shipped

Overloading or long-distance loading and unloading:; When handling items that are too long or whose center of gravity cannot be determined, special instructions and extra caution should be given.

When using a fork, the distance between the forks should match the width of the load. The fork should be inserted as deep as possible under the load, and the frame should be tilted backwards to stabilize the load and prevent it from sliding after loading.

When the load decreases, the gantry can tilt forward to safely lower the cargo and pull out the forks. When working, the fork should be as low as possible, 30-40 millimeters above the ground, and the gantry should be suitable for use

When tilting backwards, do not lift or lower the fork casually while driving.



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