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Classification of types of telescopic forks for stacker cranes

Time:2024-01-19 Author:Web Master Source:This Station

Automatic telescopic forks can be structurally divided into single extension telescopic forks (or single depth telescopic forks) and double extension telescopic forks (or double depth telescopic forks). In terms of form arrangement, they can also be divided into single column telescopic forks and double column telescopic forks. Single extension telescopic forks are composed of three or three section forks, abbreviated as three section telescopic forks. And the double depth telescopic fork (double extension telescopic fork) is composed of four forks, so we call it a four section telescopic fork.

Single row telescopic forks refer to forks that operate independently with a single set of arms. They belong to the lightweight category of forks and are generally used for the storage, retrieval, or transportation of small or lightweight items, such as hardware products, light industrial products, electronic products, food packaging, etc. The double row telescopic fork refers to a heavy-duty fork composed of two sets of fork arms that operate synchronously. It is suitable for accessing or moving large and heavy items. For example: metal materials, mechanical equipment, vehicle frames, mold accessories, etc



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