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What needs to be checked before using a fork

Time:2024-01-19 Author:Web Master Source:This Station

Before using a fork, the following items need to be checked:

1. Check if the connections of each component are firm and no looseness is allowed. Especially at the connection between the left and right lifting rings, balance beams, and lower crossbeams, special attention should be paid to inspection.

2. Check for iron shavings or other impurities in the hydraulic cylinder and pipelines. If necessary, these debris should be promptly removed. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment without damage.

3. During lifting operations, attention should be paid to the position to prevent the crane from tilting and causing accidents

4. Newly installed or overhauled machinery must undergo no-load testing. Before adjusting the operating mechanism to the rated speed, a full stroke no-load test is also required

5. Regularly check for oil leakage during use to facilitate lubrication and troubleshooting

6. Overloading operations are prohibited

7. Regularly inspect the cargo system

When placing heavy objects on a slope, it is important to ensure that the objects are not affected by friction to avoid accidents with mechanical equipment

9. When no power is applied to the boom car, it is necessary to turn off the working device before reducing the power reserve of the engine and cutting off the power to stabilize the stick in the center position to protect passengers inside the cab from injury



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