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  • Detailed Information

This series of double deep position and double motor telescopic forks is commonly used for palletized goods weighing around 1000kg


technical characteristics

Expansion fork width FW: 175mm

Expansion fork thickness FH: 65mm/165mm

Expansion fork length DFL: 1000mm-1600mm

Installation height HF: ≥ 250mm

Telescopic fork travel S: According to customer requirements

Lane width: According to customer requirements

No load acceleration: ≤ 3m/s ^ 2

Empty speed: ≤ 2m/s

Product features

High reliability and accurate positioning

Suitable for transporting European standard pallets

Can work at minus 30 ℃

Convenient maintenance and upkeep

Can be fully customized according to needs

Product application

Automatic access system (integrated three-dimensional warehousing)

cold storage

European standard tray



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